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Elayne Carver

Elayne CarverAllow me to share a little about myself and why I got into the Senior Care Industry. In the latter part of my parents' life, I was their caregiver. Anything they needed, I did.

After my mother passed a few years later, my father’s health began to deteriorate and I could no longer care for him on my own as I was still working an outside job. He now needed 24/7 care. After spending time in a facility, my father was not getting the care that I wanted for him and that he deserved. My father had always given me the best life that he could, teaching me how the elderly should be treated, with dignity and respect. I felt helpless because everywhere we went there was something missing. That’s when I decided to open Laney’s Cottages. I saw an opportunity to not only help my father and give him the best care that I could, but also an opportunity to fill a void in an industry that badly needed it. Having no experience in the industry, I was still confident that I could make an impact. I NEEDED to make an impact.

I have always had a passion for seniors, even before my parents needed my help and care. My son and I would visit the local assisted living facility and read to, sing to, and my young son would even dance with the residents. I never knew that this passion would lead to a business opportunity, but that passion to give the elderly the care and compassion that they deserve is what has been the driving force in making my business successful.

This passion was even recognized by my peers in the industry when they nominated me for a Senior Care Heroes Award for Outstanding Administrator. While I did not win the award, I felt extremely honored and proud to be in the same room as some of these people who have been leaders in the industry for over 25 years, especially since I had only been in the industry a few years at that time.

When I first started out with Laney’s Cottages, my goal was not only to make an impact on the later years of my father’s life, but to make an impact on the entire industry of elder care and on as many lives as I could. But with my house only able to serve six people at a time, I felt like my impact was too small and that I should expand in order to serve more of this population. We now serve as many as 24 individuals.

To have an even greater impact on the industry, I started a professional organization of other licensees in the area. By organizing these people, my reach became so much larger and my impact that much greater. With my involvement in so many areas of the industry, I have been able to change the landscape of elder care in the area, and have even had an impact on some of the laws that have been passed up in Sacramento. I put on an annual educational conference for approximately 200 licensees. As president and founder of California Association of Senior Care Homes, I feel very satisfied with what has been accomplished, and it all started with my drive to make a difference in the Senior Care Industry.

Laney’s Cottages is a State licensed Residential Care Facility for the Elderly in Costa Mesa, CA, caring for vulnerable elderly 24 hours per day who need varying levels of assistance.

Laney's offers premier Care Homes due to my hands on approach, which gives me a unique opportunity to excel. I have high expectations for the care we provide and staff my home with caregivers who have a heart for this work. Business continues to show growth as our market expands, especially as baby boomers begin to need care. More importantly, those of us who provide the best care rise to the top as I have experienced firsthand. I am very passionate that our elders are treated with love and dignity and you don't see that often in this type of environment.

I have also attained my Certificate in Gerontology in order to serve my clients with even greater knowledge. I look forward to serving you and your loved ones.

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